Aquarium Driftwood

Aquarium Driftwood
Decorating your terrarium or fish tank with aquarium driftwood, is not only an excellent way to show off your lizards or tropical fish, but it offers your pets a natural environment where they can feel comfortable, and safe.

Consider using natural aquarium driftwood as a centerpiece in a larger aquarium. The extra-large Mopani Wood pieces are beautiful with their black, tan, and uniquely textured surfaces.

Aquarium Driftwood Types:

Malaysian Driftwood

Tropical fish lovers enjoy using Malaysian Driftwood decore in their aquariums, due to its natural earthy appearance, and rugged dark colors. Perfect for lizards and terrariums too, Malaysian Aquarium Driftwood is often used as surrounding pieces in larger fish tanks, and as a great place to perch for your favorite lizard.

The natural environment of this driftwood offers your animals a safe and secure feeling, as if they're out in the environment.

Mopani Driftwood

The natural beauty of Mopani Aquarium Driftwood, and its ability to easily sink to the bottom of your freshwater aquarium, makes this type of driftwood a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts. Terrariums also look great with this driftwood's natural black and handsome dark tanned surfaces.

Driftwood Tannins:

Driftwood does contain tannins which turn the color of water a slightly brown hue. Water discoloration can be lessened by soaking your Driftwood for a number of weeks before placing it in your aquarium. Of course this doesn't apply to those that have terrariums and lizards.

Some fish keepers prefer the look of tannins in the water, as it adds a natural look to the environment. Smaller pieces probably won't seep out as much as a larger centerpiece type of driftwood.

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